Take a load off and let Blush Bloomsburg pamper your hands and feet. Relax in our massaging pedicure chairs as you submerge your feet into a warm whirlpool bath.


Nail Services

Natural Nail Manicure:  $28
Polish Only  $10
Polish Change: $15

Gel Polish Manicure:  $32
Gel Polish Soak Off: $15
Gel Polish Manicure with Soak Off: $38
Strengthening Overlay W/Gel Manicure: $5

Little Girl Manicure (12 & Under): $15
Little Girl Polish Only (5 & Under): $5
Paraffin Dip : $10
Nail Art (Per Nail): $2+

Nail Enhancements
These nail services are for the enhancement or strengthening of your natural nail. Get the same look as acrylic, but without the strong odor. Hard gels are a no odor service. Includes your choice of gel polish.

Full Set Hard Gels: $50

This service is for extending the nail by either sculpting the free edge or using a traditional attached tip underneath the gel extension.

Hard Gel Fill: $30
Hard Gel Overlay: $40

This service is a hard gel overlay of the natural nail to lend strength to soft, weaker nails without extending the free edge.

Hard Gel Overlay Fill: $30
Hard Gel Repair: $5+
Hard Gel Set Removal: $30

Includes a mini manicure to clean up nails after removal.

CND Pedicure


Soak & Nail Trim: $25

Natural Nail: $35

Spa: $40

Gel Polish : $45

Little Girl (12 & Under): $20

Paraffin Dip: $15